pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
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"Everybody needs a Susanne on their show! For those who have forgotten what freedom means or for those who have forgotten how to hope - Susanne’s story is an absolute must."
Bell Braaten, Producer Newsradio 970 am KBUL, Billings, MT

"Great guest, the switchboard was lit up throughout the show"
Trish and Halli, KID 590 AM, Idaho Falls, ID

The Midwest Book Review "Pursuit Of Freedom is the compelling autobiography of Susanne M. Reyto, who tells of life in Hungary, and the ravages that the nation faced--first from the Nazis, then from the rapacious claims of Communism..."
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Pursuit of Freedom
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Finding Your Life On a Museum's Walls

Stunned, Susanne Reyto stared at the formerly secret Communist documents hanging in Budapest’s newly opened museum. Having lived through many historic events, now she understood how the experiences of her youth not only changed her life, but literally changed the world.

During World War II and after the war under the Communists, Hungary had been transformed from a country of culture and civility to a hellhole of unreasonable arrests, unjustified imprisonment and unfounded seizure of property. Families were torn apart and upstanding citizens were turned into pariahs. That is part of this story.

However, this is no chronicle of horrors. It is a depiction of hope and triumph and profound gratitude. It is a celebration of freedom that will inspire you to make your own dreams—whatever they are—a reality.

Pursuit of Paprika
To be published in late 2004