pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
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"Everybody needs a Susanne on their show! For those who have forgotten what freedom means or for those who have forgotten how to hope - Susanne’s story is an absolute must."
Bell Braaten, Producer Newsradio 970 am KBUL, Billings, MT

"Great guest, the switchboard was lit up throughout the show"
Trish and Halli, KID 590 AM, Idaho Falls, ID

The Midwest Book Review "Pursuit Of Freedom is the compelling autobiography of Susanne M. Reyto, who tells of life in Hungary, and the ravages that the nation faced--first from the Nazis, then from the rapacious claims of Communism..."
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Pursuit of Freedom

Following a Dream to Freedomů and Beyond

Rarely does something so extraordinary come along that it rekindles in us a profound gratitude and pride that we live in a country known as the Land of the Free. This book does just that. Its spirit is liberating and uplifting.

Many today tend to take freedom for granted. But Susanne Reyto and her family do not. Not for a day, not for a minute. This is their story and a living history of a time that needs to be remembered so we can all appreciate what we have now.

First it was the brutal Nazis who trampled freedom into the mud and turned good lives and prosperity into nightmares and persecution. Then came the corrupt Communists with their take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-party-faithful mentality, promoting more plunder. Despite the tyranny of the times, the beauty of this book is that it is not a victim's complaint. It is a look at a troubled past through the eyes of gratitude for the present.

You may be shocked at what they describe and baffled at how such things could possibly have occurred.

So much more than a gripping history, this book is a call to honor your dreams, and never give up. Even with all Susanne Reyto has been through, she has a message of hope and healing and she shares it with us.

The love and gratitude coming from within these pages will expand your thinking and transform your life.

Susanne Reyto brings to life the contemporary history of Eastern Europe she has lived through. She captures and enthralls the minds and imaginations of those who hear her voice or read her words. Her infectious energy is derived from her deep desire to bring this important information to future generations.