pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
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"Everybody needs a Susanne on their show! For those who have forgotten what freedom means or for those who have forgotten how to hope - Susanne’s story is an absolute must."
Bell Braaten, Producer Newsradio 970 am KBUL, Billings, MT

"Great guest, the switchboard was lit up throughout the show"
Trish and Halli, KID 590 AM, Idaho Falls, ID

The Midwest Book Review "Pursuit Of Freedom is the compelling autobiography of Susanne M. Reyto, who tells of life in Hungary, and the ravages that the nation faced--first from the Nazis, then from the rapacious claims of Communism..."
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“I just completed reading Pursuit of Freedom and was compelled to write this note. I am a native of Los Angeles. Living here in the 50’s, we were truly uninformed, as was the rest of the world, as to the extent of the hardships people were suffering.”
Mitzi B. Los Angeles, CA


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Pots and pans replaced toys for Susanne during the oppressive years of her childhood. Spending countless hours playing in the kitchen Susanne was entertained by learning the secrets of traditional Hungarian cuisine. These techniques and recipes were passed onto her from her mother, an outstanding cook and baker.

Susanne invites you to share her favorite recipes and memories as expressed in her book, Pursuit of Freedom: A True Story of the Enduring Power of Hope and Dreams. A timeless recipe as good today as then and easily modified to fit today's palette and dietary needs. During Susanne's growing up years under Communist rule, there was a shortage of meat. Many hearty dishes were created out of necessity, the mother of all invention. The Potato Casserole is just one of many of these hearty recipes. With today 's concern for lighter fare, Potato Casserole is a wonderful, complete, and healthy main dish when served with a crisp, healthy salad. A tasty and versatile dish, Potato Casserole can be served as a vegetarian main dish, a side dish accompaniment for meats, or easily adapted to include smoked meats or sausages in the casserole.