pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
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"Everybody needs a Susanne on their show! For those who have forgotten what freedom means or for those who have forgotten how to hope - Susanne’s story is an absolute must."
Bell Braaten, Producer Newsradio 970 am KBUL, Billings, MT

"Great guest, the switchboard was lit up throughout the show"
Trish and Halli, KID 590 AM, Idaho Falls, ID

The Midwest Book Review "Pursuit Of Freedom is the compelling autobiography of Susanne M. Reyto, who tells of life in Hungary, and the ravages that the nation faced--first from the Nazis, then from the rapacious claims of Communism..."
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Pursuit of Freedom by Susan Reyto

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Testimonial for Pursuit of Freedom

"Pursuit of Freedom is a deeply moving book that makes us think once more of the horrors of the Twentieth Century; the tragedy that befell on people because of Nazism followed by Communism. Despite the horrors the book is never downbeat, but uplifting and inspiring. A must read. We must learn from the past to prevent it from happening again."
Lya Cordova Latta, Beverly Hills, CA

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The Power of the Human Spirit

We must remember the past to better prepare for the future

For the first time in generations, all of humanity has been forced to face the dread of a powerful global menace. The entire civilized world is fearful of the mindless, voracious evil that seems beyond our control or influence, even beyond understanding. Gullible masses appear to fall easily into lockstep with the Lunatic of the Week, many to the point of their own willing self-destruction. Has the world ever been so deluged by such anger, hatred and lust for power?

Can we remember Hitler? . . . Stalin?

Most of us are familiar with broad histories of the events of the mid-Twentieth Century. For a first-person account of life under the boot of infamous dictators, for a glimpse into the day-to-day struggle to survive, to understand the stifling oppression and fear forced on millions, author Susanne Reyto’s book, Pursuit of Freedom: A True Story of the Enduring Power of Hope and Dreams, is the answer.

However, the effect of Pursuit of Freedom is not to wallow in past tragedies, but to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit, eternal hope, and enlightened gratitude. Susanne reflects, “We must be aware of the past to be better prepared for the future.”