pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
pursuit of freedom
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"Everybody needs a Susanne on their show! For those who have forgotten what freedom means or for those who have forgotten how to hope - Susanne’s story is an absolute must."
Bell Braaten, Producer Newsradio 970 am KBUL, Billings, MT

"Great guest, the switchboard was lit up throughout the show"
Trish and Halli, KID 590 AM, Idaho Falls, ID

The Midwest Book Review "Pursuit Of Freedom is the compelling autobiography of Susanne M. Reyto, who tells of life in Hungary, and the ravages that the nation faced--first from the Nazis, then from the rapacious claims of Communism..."
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Pursuit of Freedom - About Susanne Reyto

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Susanne Reyto is an author and speaker on the turbulent years in Hungary after WW II. She brings a rich tapestry of experience and wisdom to all her endeavors. Her often harrowing childhood and her ultimate escape from Communist Hungary in the late 1950's left an indelible mark on her spirit. Instead of allowing the horrors she endured to defeat her, Susanne maintained a sense of optimism and persevered in the pursuit of her dreams. That is the message she spreads to her audiences, young and old.

Susanne founded a travel agency that rose to international prominence and she gained recognition as a consultant to corporations. Her work and writing have been featured in major newspapers and she has appeared on television shows in the US and Canada. Susanne lives a life balanced between family, business, music, theater, and philanthropy. She was active in Beverly Hills politics, and has given generously of her time and money to causes ranging from the Girl Scouts to City of Hope. When she is not traveling the world with her husband, Susanne Reyto lives and writes in Los Angeles, and thrives on spending time with her family and bringing her important message to future generations.

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